Friday, October 21, 2011

Country Paradise: Day 3

Two country wins today.

First, my Uncle-in-law (awesome Uncle Mike!) informed me that his lovely significant other's daughter-in-law makes aprons and sells them on Etsy.  Did you catch that?  My husband's dad's brother's partner's son's wife.  So when I take the plunge, after selling something "city-fide" like the Roku (don't tell Ryan), we'll be going the family route and buying one from Pamwares.

Vintage Bright Floral Full Apron for Women
Isn't it gorgeous?  Source.
Okay, too late.  This one is vintage fabric, so waiting wasn't an option.  Merry Christmas (and Happy Birthday) to me!

Second, Ryan has joined the staff of Every Man's Auto, a car blog devoted to down-to-earth reviews.  The pay stinks, but perhaps his work will catch a millionaire's eye, and s/he will just write him a check for being awesome.  But more important than pay, this makes Ryan happy.  He loves cars but only has a bicycle budget.  His first review was for the Ford Fiesta, and it's quite funny, even for a I-couldn't-care-much-less-about-cars gal like me.

What does this have to do with our plan to bring the country to Roeland Park?  Well, Ryan will be doing an extended test drive of a Mini Countryman this weekend.  See?  The name alone makes it relevant to our quest.  I wonder if, instead of new car smell, it smells like horses?  Or fresh apple pie?  Oh, the possibilities are endless.

This post is part of our Country Paradise series!


  1. Why is it calling me "Me"?? LOL

    Comment was: "You sold the Roku?!?!?"

  2. Wow, I'm still me. Huh. Who knew. It's Jess Vandett :)

  3. Hi Me! I thought you were Ryan at first! Um, no, I didn't sell the Roku, although I did think about it. Its departure would hurt me more than stays. But we do have some cloth diapers lying around that need a new home.

  4. Patti says that your first Pamwares apron is on her. So no need to sell anything. Patti said its the least she can do for someone raising 3 kids and living with a Kiefer male. Mentioned something about needing the patience of Job and a brightly colored apron. Pam knows so just order away.


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