Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Fall Preview

It was pushing 90 degrees yesterday here on the prairie.  Okay, I don't live on the prairie, despite my Kansas address. You have go a tiny bit south or west to see the fields of sunflowers. But it's not that far, so Imma say I'm on the prairie. Got it?

This morning, though, I was greeted by rain. Cool breezes. The scent of someone's roaring fire (not true, but sounds good, doesn't it?).

And this view when I went out to get the paper.  Storm clouds and bright fall foliage.

With this weather, our painting projects are a tad delayed.  We're still working, but nothing is ready for a good photo yet, so here's a preview to whet your appetite.

So what are we looking at?  I'm not telling you yet.  But you can see it's hot pink.

Wait, in the blog world, things are supposed to be off-white or grey! Maybe if you're feeling adventurous, a robin's egg blue, like Martha Stewart would choose.

Yes, you are right.  Too late, though!  

Stay tuned.


  1. That tree is a rebel. Doesn't it know it's supposed to be boring autumn brown like everything else?

    I'm going to guess that that pink little number is a chair.

    And also say PFFFFFT. White schmite.

  2. I love that tree and the dark sky behind it. Good photo. There's a lot of pink going on now in magazine-land :)

  3. wow. that is an AMAZING picture! (okay okay, they're both pretty awesome.)


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