Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Borers, Beetles, and Other Bad Things in the Garden

Dead Zucchini.

Being a rather laissez-faire gardener has consequences. Of course, it also has benefits, considering I'm not using toxic pesticides or weeding all the time.  But it's so sad when something dies.

My zucchini is done for early summer.  The deadly squash vine borer put its eggs into this plant and killed it. So no zucchini.  I also had to pull up the patty pan squash plant in front of the tomatoes for the same reason. You'll know you have it because the vine will die for no reason and it will look all eaten up at the base.  And then you'll find grubs inside with singular pulsing veins (which I did not picture for your own good--they're gross).

Looks so sad there.
The cucumbers aren't doing so well either.  Turns out I have cucumber beetles which disrupt the plant cycle. The vines look beautiful, but we've only gotten one cuke with no more on the way.

And then the cat.  I won't go into detail about what's *he* does in the garden.

But wait, there's hope!

I can plant another round of squashes now, and they'll not get attacked since it's too late for the squash borer to be laying eggs.  Our season is long enough for that, so if your squash is dead, don't necessarily despair.  There might still be time.

We also have gorgeous wild flowers, and a pretty flower always brightens my mood.

Obligatory close-up.

I bought the cheap bag of annual wildflower mix at the Home Depot a couple of months ago.

Drew picking flowers.

I didn't know how tall they'd get.

Pumpkin vine in the left corner.

Of course, I had envisioned this beautifully even garden bed filled with flowers.  But instead, we had a huge storm about thirty seconds after I put the seed down so I have some bald spots.  However, they're still lovely and low-maintenance.

I hope you're staying cool!  It's hot as hades 'round here and will be for the next week or more.

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  1. I love wildflowers!! I want to fill my backyard with them. But Mike has dreams of playing baseball back there with future spawn. Dang.

  2. Maybe I SHOULD just plant wildflowers ALL over my yard and then it would be pretty and I wouldn't have to mow....hmmmm, keeping this in mind for next year

  3. Thanks so MUCH for commenting on my blog!! I need to get out and work in my garden...it is A MESS!! Embarrassing actually! Ha!!


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