Thursday, July 26, 2012

Posts in Queue

I love the word Queue.

I also love rain these days because we've had so little of it.  So imagine my delight when I woke up this morning to see this on the bush outside:

Not dew, but rain!
 And now I know how to bring it on.  Yesterday it was so hot that our AC started freezing up, blowing not-as-cold air, getting weaker and weaker.  So to cool off, I sat down at the pian-er to play and sing a few tunes.  Within minutes, it started to rain.

So yes, it's now finally proven that I am in control of the universe.  And I'd better start taking care of my vocal chords because it's going to take some serious singing to bring on some serious rain.

Anyway, since we've established something I've known all along, I can tell you the excessive heat has put a damper on the blog posting. I know, weird, huh?  But I've had some things ready to talk about for awhile now, so I'll show you some of them.

Awesome hamper I got for next to nothing at a used furniture market.

New paint color in the dining room.  This is the only corner that isn't covered in stuff, so more pics will have to wait.

Easy tomato preservation--I promise to get the post up soon so you can start dealing with your harvest.  You want to save some of it for the dead of winter, right?

Other things in the pipeline:

I got a fabulous new hair color and went really funky last weekend. My only problem is that by the time Ryan's home to take my photo, I'm wilted on the floor moaning for more ice to be poured down my shirt.

I have a few shoutouts for some prizes I've won recently in Bloglandia.  Hopefully this week I can finally show some gratitude rather than merely being gratuitous...


  1. Apparently your weather controlling powers extend all the way up to Minesing, Ontario, because we woke up to rain too!

  2. I've always known you had control of the universe ;)

  3. I'm beginning to think you SHOULD have control of the Universe.


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