Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our Latest Free Find

We've been wanting one for nearly a year, and been talking seriously for a couple months, but we finally decided to pull the trigger and hunt one down.

Any guesses?

Maybe I'll show you a photo...

If you keep scrolling. I'm going to make you work for this one.

It's a new kitty!

In the natural cat state -- asleep.
Ringo Fringo Stephen Hawking the Black (I'll bet you can guess who came up with which parts of his name) is a boy, about 10 weeks, and pretty much as black as they come. He doesn't have a single white or gray spot on him, until you look very closely and spy about a dozen white furs on his chest.

He and Rufus... well they were fast... we just know that they're going to be best... most inseperable...

Okay, they have done nothing but growl and hiss at each other. Only after we picked up Ringo did we bother to read about how to introduce a kitten to an existing cat who has been an only child for most of his life. Oh well -- they'll learn. Ringo is just too sweet to even think of getting rid of him, so he and Rufus will just have to learn to share the house.


  1. qhorin approves... he was looking over the couch and says 'CAT CAT CAT CAT CAT CAT CAT CAT CAT CAT'! so in case you were wondering, it is INDEED a CAT... and what a sweet looking cat he is!

  2. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!! Meowzer is all black, too, except with a sprinkling of white hairs on her chest.

  3. That. Was. AWESOME!!! I'm saying out loud "What is it?!?!" as I'm scrolling as fast as I can.

    He's DARLING!!! Lucky little thing!!


  4. Sooooooo CUTE!!!!!!! My girls are jealous...


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