Sunday, July 22, 2012

What's left to do in the heat?

When it's 101 outside, 

play the piano,

admire your tomatoes,

splash in the baby pool,

try to will the sunflowers to bloom faster,

enjoy the corn from your own garden,

mourn the pumpkin that's grown into the neighbor's yard,

or Swing, Swing, Swing.

We've had one set of grandparents visiting this week, and beating the heat has been our main activity.  Please send rain.

Linking up to Shine Your Light.


  1. I LOVE everything you write, but I especially LOVE pics of your beautiful children :) Nice post! And I'm sending rain vibes your way!!!!

  2. Cute! And look at all your goodies from your garden! Yes Sunflower hurry and bloom you are going to be so pretty when you do! Great post... hope you get some cooler weather soon!

  3. You grow beautiful gardens and children!

  4. Awww, looks like you guys are having a great summer. C'mon rain! We need it too.

  5. Such cutie pies!! Looks like you are having a blast beating the heat - I loved seeing all these joyful summer amusements! Thanks for linking up today :) Baby pool, piano, garden delights, corn on the cob and swinging away summer - all happy things!


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