Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 Resolutions

I figured waiting until mid-January to post my resolutions would help me look like I've kept them longer than thirty seconds.  I won't tell you that I haven't actually made any until now.  Or maybe I just did tell you that.  Anywho, I already know that many weight-loss resolutionaries have already given up by now--you know who you are--so I'm here to give you a second chance. We'll call January 17 the beginning of Round 2. No need to wait until 2013 to shoot for the stars again.

Give Round 2 some thought, however.  Don't create a goal you really can't, in reality, reach.  If you tell me you wanna be an astronaut, I'd love to support you in your one-in-a-zillion quest.  Just don't come crying when you realize that unless you were a military pilot or you're performing some super awesome research, your chances of going to space are limited by your wallet (only $200k if you go with that crazy Virgin airlines guy!).  I really appreciate specificity, though, so go for whatever will push you.

Here are some ideas for 2012: I'm going to
1)  read more cerebral fiction--at least once a month I'll dive into a post-modern, thought-provoking work of art.
2) raise chickens.
3) teach Katie to read.
4) go to exercise class 4 times a week.  Or more.
5) stop worrying about money so much.

How's that for a list of resolutions?  #1...check!  I already read a ton.  I'll have finished my 12 hoity-toity books by February.  #2 is impossible in our yard, so it's already decided for me.  #3...well, we've started it.  Katie's learned some basic phonics, and since we all know that learning is more about me than about my daughter who is but a mere vessel into which I pour knowledge, I figure she'll be reading by next week.  #4...done.

Well, that was a great 2012!  Wait, I didn't address #5. That's a tough one.  Not sure if I'll reach it, but I'll certainly try.  I figure, though, that 80% complete in the first month of the year is awesome, so I'm going to pat myself on the back and cuddle up with something really avant garde, like the latest John Grisham novel.

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