Saturday, January 14, 2012

A lovely find

This year, Ryan and I did not exchange Christmas gifts.  But he's been asking for a chair where he can read and even write on his little netbook, so I've been on the lookout when I go to the monthly furniture markets in West Bottoms.

Lovely grocery store feet.

He has one now!  Yes, he is wearing a heavy sweater and shorts. I thought my brother was the only person who dressed like that in winter.  But no, my husband does, too.

It reminded me of the furniture we used growing up.

My mother's couch.

Totally different style and much more caning, but still, I think you can see a few similarities.

The cane is in great condition.

I even love the cushion.  I do wish the cat didn't like it so much.  He acted like the chair was made of catnip.

Pretty touches on the legs.

Coordinating fabric on the back. Kind of unexpected!

Overall, I think I got a great deal. It was about $60 for this sturdy and rather attractive chair. I love buying vintage, well-loved furniture.  Good thing, too, since it fits my budget.  It's also quite Earth-friendly, if that's your thing.  If you're in the Kansas City metro, hit West Bottoms the first weekend of the month! It's really fun, and you might find something awesome.


  1. Is that my cedar chest beside the new chair?

  2. Ha! I actually had a dream last week with that piece of furniture in it.

  3. That is the first piece of furniture I ever bought. Got it at a yard sale in Macon, near Mercer. They had a really cool baby cradle for $40 that I wanted to buy, but HEY, didn't think I'd need it any time soon. When I got pregnant with Jessica, Anna and another friend tracked it down to an antique shop in Atlanta where it was selling for $150. And that pretty much sums up my economic hindsight for a lifetime...

  4. I would love to go to a furniture show like that! Great find!


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