Monday, January 23, 2012

A good reason to visit

Guys, I need a new gimmick.  My dwindling readership is depressing me, so I need something drive traffic here so I can feel good about myself again.  What can I do to draw people in?

1) Good content.  

Seriously, this is the worst idea ever.  Sure, there are plenty of blogs with excellent writing, beautiful photos, lovely design in general.  But that is way too obvious for me.  And kind of hard.  I'll pass.

2) A religious slant.  

Many blogs quote the Bible in their headers or use religious language for their blog names. I grew up in the Methodist church--how difficult could it be to put all that front and center here?  Very difficult, turns out.  I remember a few Sunday School lessons, but I slept through the majority of the sermons, even when I was an acolyte (thank goodness the robes were flame resistant).  Plus, I'm having trouble thinking of a good Christian name for our blog, which would obviously have to be renamed.  Jesus and the Kiefers?  Sounds like a bad band name.  Anyway, this is probably an angle best left to the sincerest of believers.

3) Giveaways galore.  

Already tried to give our stuff away, and nobody wanted it!  I still don't understand why I didn't end up with dozens of followers vying for a used breast pump.  Something is seriously wrong with you guys.

4) Good old fashioned brown-nosing.  

Y'all are the best.  The best readers ever.

Wow, that was really hard for me to even type.  See #3 where I insult you without blinking an eye.  I do love you, but kissing up has never been my strong point.

5) Funny little drawings of stick figures.

You know the blogs with the elementary school style pictures with witty captions.  They make me laugh, cry, pee my pants.  But peeps, I can't even draw a stick figure, let along come up with a caption for it.  Anywho, it's been done before, so why should I copy it?  I am all about originality, as you can tell from reading this list of gimmicks to borrow.

Oooh, I just thought of something! Instead of stick figures, I'll post photos of cats with hilarious captions!  That has never been done before! Ever!

Funny Caption.
Whoohoo! Easy AND funny, right?


  1. The thumbnail I saw on FB made it look like Drew had on a coon hat!

    (P.S. Please don't be sad.)

  2. I read every post! That's all I've got.

  3. I should emphasize that I'm kidding. Kind of. Y'all are the best!

  4. Don't worry, you have many more readers than you realize. I get an e-mail now and then from someone who's been reading my blog since I started it, but hasn't ever contacted me or even commented until now.

    Since I got burned out with teaching, I haven't posted nearly as often as I once did, and I don't read others' blogs as often as I once did. But I'm happy to have my little group of readers; they lift my spirits.

    And yes, I think the kitty-and-baby photo IS a good draw for your blog! :-)


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