Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year, y'all.

Everyone else decided to wish their fans a Happy New Year on January 1. I hate being a conformist, so today felt like a better day to celebrate.  A bit more against the grain.  Be ready next year, though, because I'm certain I'll be copied.  The 5th is the new 1st!

We rang in the New Year at Julian.

Teeny tiny potatoes with caviar.
 If you tell me you don't like caviar, my gut tells me that you probably haven't even tried it.  I really enjoyed popping these babies into my mouth.  The caviar was a briny little garnish that added some pizzazz.

Lobster shepherd's pie.
 The lobster was so tender it was almost like butter.

Yes! I got my photo taken with a great chef!

Yes!  I was *that* blogging tool who took photos of her food!  Actually, it was Ryan. But I made him.

Yes!  I am proud of it!

Happy New Year!

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