Monday, January 16, 2012

April in January

The past couple of days have been glorious.  Crisp and breezy, hardly what you'd expect in the middle of January.  So yesterday, we spent as many waking hours as possible outside.

We're removing some chain-link fencing that used to be a dog run.  I had hoped to turn it into a chicken run and apparently it is too close to the property line to be up to code. So that'll have to be somewhere else some other year.

This mess had to be dealt with, too.  We left the compost pile on the left, but the pile of sticks has to go. Don't worry, it won't end up in a landfill because it's not allowed to go there--it will be chipped up and composted.

I'll be tackling more of this today.  Looks better already.

Drew helped organize the bouncy balls.

The girls played like crazy, which means KB ended up trying to torture Winslow.

Ryan and I tore apart all the vines on the fencing.  Honeysuckle was one. A thorny vine.  Others of unknown origin.

Ryan cut down an unbalanced evergreen that had partially grown into the fence.

Also took down some other evergreen bushes/trees that were nigh unto ugly.  I'm planting my magical peach pits here!  Yes, they're magic.  LA-LA-LA I'm not listening!

Remember where we started?

An over-shaded wonderland.  

I'm sure we displaced a few pixies in our quest for a more useful yard.  For that, I'm sorry.  But once we're finished, they're welcome to return and find new hiding places.  They can feast in the veggie garden I'm planning, too.  

Enjoy your day.  Get out and enjoy the sunshine if you're experiencing such lovely weather.  Ryan's taking half a day off...

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