Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rubber Treasure

Tell me what you see.

Regular ol' citrus with a really random fake sunflower.

A messy and quite offensive kitchen.  


I see very different things. These aren't just citrus nothings.  They are honeybells!  The juiciest fruit out there. Google 'em and you might be able to still order a box--they are only found in January!

The kitchen?  That's a "before".  The paint starts tonight.

And the tire isn't a piece of trash.  I see a portable raised bed for the yard.  I thank my father-in-law Frank for such a great idea.  And to the fool who left it on the side of the road, thanks for being a litter bug.


  1. tires also make FABULOUS swings with a little chain and some bolts!

  2. I love found treasures. Your kitchen might fit that category:)
    I think it's a gem in the rough. Can't wait to see the "afters".


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