Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brighten Your Day

No, sillies, not with a picture of my yucky bathroom from a few months ago!  But with some cheap fixes that make the bathroom a tad more tolerable.

Fresh caulk for the tub.  Should keep me from cussing every time I get into the shower.

And some frosting paint for the bathroom window.  Those awful blinds made me insanely angry every time I looked at them!  In this size bathroom, I don't think cloth coverings are a good idea because of the potential for mildew.  So no blinds and no cloth.  That left me with few options.  

I bought the paint when we moved in and was waiting on Ryan to do it.  Patiently.  For six months. Then I decided to bring out the paint while the kids were napping.  Might as well do it myself, right?

A tip: Do not assume that no one can see you after you've painted.  I am very glad we did a test. It involved Ryan mooning the window while I stood outside next to the neighbor's house.  I could see a little too much.  And by a little, I mean, it still needed a few more coats or else we'd be providing free entertainment every night at bath time.  And possibly face jail time.

That concludes my brighten your day post.  If none of the photos above worked, look below.  If you're still not moved to smile, then all I can suggest is that you find some JELL-O jigglers and jiggle them.  That always makes me giggle.


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