Saturday, August 27, 2011

A barren backyard

Our yard is rather small, but it's a vast improvement over our 10x10 weed pit at the old house.

Well, this was technically the neighbor's yard, but this is such a great picture.  The day before we moved, the neighbor's dad acquired this "new" truck and pushed it to the backyard. No, it doesn't run.  And Yes, neighbor's mom obviously didn't want the junk in her yard, so it went in neighbor's instead.  The van doesn't run either.  My daily view from the back porch. I smell your envy from here. Just get over it.  

Anyway, we had a similar plot of weeds a few feet over, but without the scrap.

 When we moved in to our new house, we had a nice lot, but the coverage of a rain forest canopy without all the pretty rainbow colored birds.

Too much shade for grass.

Compost pile of unknown age.  I'm a little afraid to touch any of the vines, and Ryan gets horrible poison ivy.  So I'm thinking our next giveaway will be for the chance to help us in the yard.  Nice, huh?

Ancient raised beds.  More vines.

That sad bird feeder.

The elm that is no more. It was gorgeous, but very dead and only required a mere breeze to threaten the power lines.  Since our last storm had wind gusts over 60mph, I'm glad the tree's gone.

Free wood!  We've already had some takers, but we probably still have enough to build some hobbit houses.

This is my view now from my desk since we cut down 7 trees back there.  Plenty of sun, but no grass. Nowhere to relax yet.

That's about to change, though.

Can you guess what it is?

700 pounds of fun.  Courtesy of the grandparents for a large combination birthday/Xmas present, we have a large playset.  Of course, it's currently in the garage.  Awaiting some brawn and patience.  

Ryan cannot wait.

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