Thursday, August 11, 2011


This is not a food blog. It could be, but it's not. There are so many that I love on the webs--they do it better than I could--so I will not even try to build one.

But today, I have to talk a little bit about food. Pretty please?

The topic?


Those who don't like it may stop reading now.  Or you could go try some, reaffirm your distaste for it, and then come back tomorrow when I'm not talking about mayo. Or you could finally realize that it IS quite delicious!  Quick aside: I rarely condemn a food as inedible for life.  Instead, I'll try it again to see if my tastes have changed. If I hadn't adopted this strategy, I would never have come to love asparagus,  or yellow squash, or spicy mustard.  And what would my life be without these foods?? empty. meaningless.  small.

Mayonnaise has few ingredients.  Egg, acid, salt, oil. Duke's  has been my favorite for many years. Alas, here in Kansas City, I haven't seen it, so I've just purchased the cheapest.  And we always have it in the house.

Today, though, there was near tragedy as I realized, after having already boiled eggs and potatoes, that I was...out of mayonnaise.  [What's wrong Mommy? Why are you crying your eyes out?  Why haven't you showered today?  because we're out of mayo, sweetie.]

So I made some.  And it was divine.  I used this recipe.

Added it to my eggs and potatoes.  Sprinkled in some dill (My friend Janna over at The Momtourage gave me nice glass spice jars years ago when we were still kickin' it at the Red Cross together.  Thanks Janna and Andrew!).

By the way, I think dill is totally underrated.  Der-rih-shush! As my daughter Katie would say. Oh, and this is not the original dill that came in the jar.  It would be like 8 years old, and I won't touch herbs older than 7 years.  Sheesh.

The end product was fantastic.  However, potato salad just isn't that pretty.  Or at least mine isn't.  Of course, neither is mayonnaise, but that's beside the point.  It was tangy, creamy, and downright sinful.  Wonder if it would taste good on a Satan Sandwich? With a little sugar, I bet so.

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  1. I love that you still have those! And I think that potato salad looks gorgeous! ;) and yum!


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