Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What color is my bathroom?

I can answer that question easily. My bathroom is pink.  But really, that is not the question I'm asking. I'm really asking, What color would my bathroom be if I ruled the world and had a bottomless budget?  Or better yet,  What do I wanna be when I grow up?

Bathrooms aside, I should say that I've been a teacher for most of my career.  I enlightened spring-breakers on the brewing process at Coors in Golden, CO; taught CPR in Columbus, GA; trained bankers on a proprietary credit processing system all over the country and in the great land of Canada (Please, I swear I am NOT trying to steal Canadian jobs, Mr. passport control man.  Ugh, a probe? Again??)

But I've often wondered what I should be.  Could I have hidden talents beyond being a know-it-all with delusions of grandeur?  Ryan told me recently that he took the ASVAB in high school. He scored so well that the Navy hounded him for years because his custodial engineering skills were out of this world. They were desperate to fill their shortage of deck swabs.  It's okay, though, that he skipped out on the armed services, because he's busy swabbing my deck.

No, really, he's outside with a mop as we speak.

Anyway, I have never taken such a test.  So, of course, I have no idea what my talents are (wink, wink).  Or I should say, I *had* no idea before I bought Discover What You're Best At: A Complete Career System Lets You Test Yourself To Discover your Own True Career Abilities by Linda Gale.  By taking such a test, you won't learn what you enjoy. You'll learn what you're actually good at doing.  Those two things might not match up.

So I took the test. It took about two hours.  From best to worst, here's how I ranked:


The book then puts the results in clusters and makes recommendations for career choices.  It was a bit difficult to make my clusters because my scores were very similar, but I managed to narrow things down to BLN (business, logic, numerical) and LNS (logic, numerical, social).

I'll just give you the highlights for recommended careers for LNS people:
1) Geriatric Nurse (am I old enough to be considered geriatric?)
2) Physician (and about 20 variations of this, including Cardiovascular Physician and Naturopath)
3) Probate Lawyer

For BLN:
1) Accountant
2) Silviculturist (apparently, these people care for trees in nurseries)
3) Probate Lawyer

You'd think I should be a probate lawyer, right?  Or maybe a geriatric probate lawyer?

But one recommendation stood out in particular:

Accounting Teacher.

Well, that was almost exactly my last job. I trained the Accounting system to accountants and bankers; it looks like my old job was a perfect match for my skills.  But then Ryan was offered a great job here in Kansas City, and I had to say a sad goodbye.

So next time you don't like something I've done in my house, just remember that I should've been a probate lawyer, NOT a designer.

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  1. I vote probate lawyer for silviculturists who unwittingly kill their geriatric trees because they should have taken the same test and learned that they were better suited for deck-swabbing. ;)


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