Thursday, August 18, 2011

It had to be Wood

It's a beautiful day.  The girls decided to polish off the last tidbits of Nutella, so they're pretty happy.  Drew's tooth finally pushed through, so he's content.  And the gas bill is really low again this month, making me at least a little less stressed. Plus, I've been watching Mad Men on streaming Netflix.  Those cute dresses make me smile.

So to celebrate our communal joviality (I've been using my thesaurus this morning), we had a little dance party.  Hosted by Lady Gaga.  While rocking out to "Born This Way", I was overcome by dizziness, confusion, almost terror.  All caused by wood.  Lots of dark, hard wood.

Not, not that wood. Get your mind outta the gutter!

All the wood in my house.  There's enough of it to cause some serious heartache.  Lemme take you on a tour.  Cue the Sinatra.

The bathroom vanity.  Yes, paint.  Stop shouting! I heard you the first time!  I will paint it!

Fake wood paneling in the kitchen.  

Country cabinets.  And what's that above the cabinetry?

Oh, it's more of the paneling.  There's supposedly storage up there, but I'm too afraid to look inside there. Gives me the willies just thinking about it.

Wood finish #3 in the kitchen.

The dark door to the 2nd floor. It's been "re-finished" a few times it appears.  

The other fake wood paneling, this time in the family room.  I've never seen this stuff before. It's like drywall, but has a wood-like grain on it.  

The original trim found in the downstairs bedrooms. This is in the best shape of all the trim.

Yet another color. Plus the floor.

You can see that this door is stained two different colors.  I admire the work ethic of previous owners, but the amateur work is not that good. I think they forgot to wipe off the stain after it was applied. Very strange.

These funny little corner protectors are found throughout the downstairs.  Uggggg-Leeee.

Brand new door doesn't match the trim either.  Love that the door is new, though.  It closes and locks even if it's hot outside.  You'd think that comes standard, but it doesn't. Our house in Northeast (historic neighborhood in KCMO) had a door that would not lock in the summer.

Yes, more of the same.

This door to the attic is just adorable.  Unfortunately, it also requires some TLC.

A view from the bathroom.

And to leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling...the toilet seat in the "master bath".  There wasn't enough wood in the house, so they added some more.  

So that concludes the Kiefer Cottage wood tour.  Stay tuned for some serious changes to be made. Thank goodness paint isn't expensive.  And all Ryan asks for is plenty of red meat and beer to keep him energized.


  1. :) "Not, not that wood. Get your mind outta the gutter!" ... I feel as if you were talking directly at me, haha.. (FYI, I've wrote and deleted about 8 "That's what she said" jokes..)

  2. HAHAHA! I love the red meat and beer (c: You are seriously being overrun at your house...the toilet seat kills me. And I also have to say that I'm glad we aren't the only family that has Lady Gaga dance fact, my 2 year-old thought my ipod's name was Lady Gaga...what am I teaching my children?!?

  3. Too bad the red meat is expensive!

    I see that Aubrey has found your blog. She's the best follower - always such great comments!


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