Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The New Library

The second floor landing has a purpose now: it's a library.  But not quite as you would expect because there is nary a shelf in sight. For now, at least.

Five years ago, the books would've been stacked up to the ceiling.  Moving fifty boxes of books every time I moved, though, inspired me to cull my collection down to its current size.   I also realized that owning more books doesn't make me smarter or more educated.  Having the entire Library of Congress in my home won't raise my IQ (I'm sorry, you'll just have to deal with my average self, with exactly two brain cells to rub together), and beyond that, books are dust magnets.  I am not repelled by dust, but I am repelled by dusting, so having less means I can forgo cleaning without guilt, except when my mother is visiting and then I feel compelled to pass the white-glove-test.  

All that said, the library is now merely a blank slate.  Sounds awful after all this work to say that we've just reached a point of departure rather than the actual destination.  And yet, I'm excited by the prospect of improving the room as time goes by.  

Of course, by "improving,"  I mean adding even more to the shrine of Starr that was created in the corner.  Hell, that's why we decided on a library in the first place!  Who cares about books when you can gaze upon diplomas and accolades?  By the way, we're still looking for Ryan's awards.  I'm hoping his mother reads this and sends his perfect attendance certificates from elementary school.  Because his side of the room is looking a tad thin.

So enough talk. Let's see some pictures.  Here's a quick reminder of Before:

In essence, this was a hallway to the bedroom upstairs.

At a midpoint in the process.  

And finally as a cleared-out-ready-for-more product.

New Light fixture.  I would've loved a chandelier, but unfortunately, this room is maybe 7 feet tall.  My  brother will even bump his head on this fixture, but I couldn't stomach the completely flush lights I found.  This was the most attractive boob in the store.

The "Proof of Starr's Awesomeness" corner.

The chair from my grandmother's bedroom suite.  It's itching for some new fabric.

The built-in looks really nice with the room completely painted.  Such an improvement from before.

Yes, the floor still requires work, and we're trying to decide what would look best, but that's for another week.  Stay tuned.


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