Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mad Men, Take One

I am really enjoying the show Mad Men.  It's dramatic, it's funny, and it's full of eye candy.  That Don is a looker, although Sterling is quite handsome, too.  Too bad they're so sleazy.  And too bad they're fictional characters. (Call me, Sterling, k?)

The show also features lots of great design and period pieces.  Imagine my delight when I saw that the Drapers have Vernonware pottery for their plates.  I DO TOO!  That means I am as beautiful as Mrs. Draper, right?  Hopefully a tad smarter, though...

Here are some of my Vernonware pieces. I bought them almost a decade ago on Ebay.  

This is the Gingham pattern. I have the most of this, although in the past couple of years, little children have dwindled down the collection a bit. In fact, we've broken a few bowls in the past 2 weeks.  Now, I have four left.

I've also got the Belair pattern. Only three plates.  I broke the fourth.  I have more plates in the Gingham pattern, thank goodness.

What's sad about breaking them is that we're not talking about some pattern easily replaced at Macy's.  This stuff is hard to find, and to be honest, I'm a bit tired of it all anyway. So I'm packing it up, and replacing it with a great deal I found at Neiman Marcus. 

HUH?  Aren't you broke?  Why in tarnations are you buying chichi items from Neiman's?  Hypocrite!

I bought them with my birthday money.  They were not expensive. But they are awesome enough for me to have waited patiently since July.  Even more, I've only just gotten the plates. It'll be a month before I get the bowls and another four weeks on top of that for the salad plates.  However, I'm known for my patience. Ahem. Oh, be nice.

Today the dinner plates arrived.  

Elijah earned every penny of his salary with his packing job.

Looking good.

Hmm..another box. Makes me wonder if there will be like 10000 boxes and the plates are really only for dolls.  Ha!  I'm sure they aren't.


Yes, they all made it intact. All those damn boxes were worth it.  I bought this set because it goes together without being matchy-matchy.  Which one is your favorite?

Katie likes this plate best. I kind of agree, but I have to choose a different one because it's not cool when you all like the same one.  

Ah, yes, I love this.  Tomorrow, I'll have a different favorite.  

Oh, if you want to order these plates, you can get them online at Neiman Marcus.  They are still on backorder, but totally totally worth the wait.


  1. I remember you looking for some of those plates on eBay! Funny, Andrew and I just retired our green dinnerware about 2 months ago in exchange for 8 place settings of some white dishes with scalloped edges. Best part? Found the white plates at a thrift shop along Hwy 27 and I bought the lot for $25. Score! Honestly, though, I love that set you purchased...so much so that I'm wondering if it isn't already time to retire this white set.,,

  2. These plates are fun! (I wonder which one was Elijah's favorite?)

    I love that they coordinate without perfectly matching, like you said. Nice choice!


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