Monday, August 8, 2011

Tag team makeover

I've mentioned the free furniture Ryan scored a couple of years ago for us.  It wasn't quite our style, but it was  free.  Kind of like my college friend Jeffrey in Baltimore, who says he's a vegetarian unless the food is free, I'm only a style snob when I have to pay for it.  At the time, we had no dough whatsoever for furniture, and this gal in Newnan, GA, gave us everything we could fit into our trailer.  And so we graciously took...everything.

Now we are left with a set of six chairs that can only be described as super country.  Or in technical terms, butt-ugly.  The fabric, while high quality (really, I'm not even being sarcastic), is not that attractive, and don't even get me started on the wood finish.  Finances, though, have dictated that we keep 'em.  Doesn't mean we have to keep 'em as they are.  Bring on the paint!

Before you start railing on me for thinking of painting over wood, well, I'm saving the wood debate for later. There will be blood, just so you know. Blood, wood, and paint.  But that's for another post, my friends.

Thanks to my husband,  we painted and re-covered a couple of the chairs already.

Took a rattle can (Valspar Vanilla, I believe) to the wood after a light sanding, and then covered the seat with some funky fabric.

YES YES YES, I know.  You've seen the fabric before.  Those who knew me during my academia-is-my-life phase saw this fabric surrounding my windows in Atlanta.  And some might recognize it as the upholstery for my mother's sofa.

About 25 years ago, my dad was an exec in design and construction for Holiday Inn, so we ended up with a few interesting pieces from his term there, including an enormous bolt of this fabric.  My mom had enough to recover two large sofas and gave the rest to me.  Since our design budget is about 10 bucks a month, I'm gonna use whatever is lying around the house.

Before and After:

The result is still country, but it's cross-over country, suitable for the pop station, too.

It'll do for now.  The big question, though, is, Will they fit with the new-to-me table I got over the weekend?


More on that later, too.

Later Gaterz.

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  1. Love the re-do! However, I personally scored and am living with TWO La-Z-Boy Queen Ann recliners covered in that very same green floral fabric. So apologize to my super comfy chairs. Hee hee.

  2. My apologies.

    I think comfort is quite stylish.

    My chairs will not forget their roots. I promise.

  3. it's amazing what some paint can do! so much better painted!

  4. Ah that wood vs pain debate is a tough one. I have many people baffled when i paint my wood pieces. Love the chairs!!! they looks much better, I also hate that old chair fabric, horrid.


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